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Digital is accessible 24 hours a day, therefore we adapt

Our methodology involves continuous measurement and analysis. Knowing that the digital world is all about context and content, we stay relevant by implementing the full-circle digital framework.




Every people have a vision of a better world. We certainly believe it. Hence, we’re always trying to view our brand or our clients from a different perspective. Together with our clients, we collaborate to create a social market results, that also have a positive impact for the planet. Because it becomes our goal to make the world a better place.

Digital Roadmap Creation

Roadmap will provide the organization/company with the most effective digital strategy, and the essential how-to’s to actually achieve digital goals and objectives.

  • Analysis on brand, competitor, market & audience,

  • Setting digital goals (aligning with business objective), defining digital asset role & function,

  • Setting the infrastructure (team, technology, SOP, policy),

  • Planning the roadmap activity,

  • ROI review & the continuous roadmap improvement.

Digital Platform Creation

Web & mobile development of brand’s assets should be adapted with the user behaviour and customer centric technology.

  • User analysis,

  • Web/apps concept and roadmap,

  • Architect the information, UX strategy,

  • Content development, User Interface Development,

  • Efficient programming, comprehensive testing & analytics.

Digital Driven Campaign

Digital Driven Campaign can lead your communication & marketing activies to the next level of engagement, where it can be integrated to your offline strategy.

  • Analysis on brand, competitor, market & audience,

  • Creating campaign concept & big idea,

  • Setting digital & Social media strategy,

  • Digital & social media campaign management,

  • Comprehensive measurement.

Online Community Management

Online community management is both art and science. We manage people & customers to guide them into brand evangelist.

  • Define community roadmap & aligning it with business objective,

  • Build & grow community, create & manage editorial plan,

  • Community asset (social media, forum) optimization,

  • Comprehensive Measurement.

Digital Public Relation

Digital Public Relation embraces the power of digital to tell the brand story. For the outcome, Digital PR is optimizing the earned media.

  • Key message development,

  • Channel, community & key opinion mapping,

  • Brand PR strategy & program,

  • Online reputation measurement.


Content Marketing is the art of communicating with costumers & prospect without selling (non-interruption/pull marketing). We are creating and distributing valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage with the target audience.

Content Marketing
Online Database Management

Integrated with e-Commerce Strategy. Puts the Customer at the Centre of the Universe.

Inbound Strategy Framework
Command Center Development

Visualize data regarding conversations in digital media

about your brand. Monitor conversations in real-time

and helps to optimize your strategy.

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