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We believes that kindness
is a goal, a hope, a destination.

About 1KindnessADay

Kindness is one of those things that really stands out when you experience it and when you’re part of giving someone else that experience, you feel a sense of accomplishment.


With 1KindnessADay, we try to always put 'positive impact' in whatever we do. Because if there's a chance for us to make a small dent in the world that we're living in, if there's a chance to make a slight difference by doing good, if there's a chance to bring a positive impact to the society no matter how small it is, we will 100% go for it.




Challenge :

In Indonesia, giving parcels to our business partners to celebrate Eid Al – Fitr is a tradition. But, as a positive impact marketing digital agency, RACK Digital tries to change the tradition into something more valuable.


Solution :

A web-based commerce platform where people can 'shop for kindness' with kindness credit as 'transactional money' inside the store, as easy as 1-2-3 and you can select the cause of your choice and spend your credit there. In Kindness Store, we provide a list of children, organization, and animals who need help. We started this initially for our clients and business partners, we gave them the right to choose whether to claim their gift, or exchange it with 'kindness credits' instead. 


Result :

  • This is a simple friendly reminder to us all that gift-giving tradition is originally always about sharing something valuable in the name of happiness and kindness.


  • 94% from our business partner prefer to give their kindness credit into something valuable.


  • In the name of Kindness, we won two trophies home from PINASTHIKA AWARD, Silver for Social Movement Campaign category (there's no gold winner within this category), and Bronze (sole winner) for Microsite/Short-term Campaign category.

We won't stop here. This will be the beginning of our journey in fighting for our cause, for Kindness.


Small actions, performed with kindness, add up to create a better, safer, more humane world. Kindness is not frivolous. It makes a difference. Not an easy task, but one we’re ready to take on. Soon we will make more another kindness-projects. 

So, you ready to spread kindness with us? :)

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