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On Rude awakening #WhatsStoppingYouID

When starting with the idea of RACK digital (Creative Agency) 5 years ago, I never thought that being a woman is even a factor in the equation of sustainable business entity. And after years of business practices,

I still think that me as a woman is irrelevant to the journey of RACK digital.

That slightly changes when Vera Shiska of Resonance ID introduce me to challenges faced by women in the world of business.

Luckily, Vera Shiska & Nina Moran of have strong passion toward women empowerment and they initiated an event which designed to ignite & awaken women of Indonesia.

Resonation.ID is a one day gathering of people who believes in doing & igniting their dream. With their message #WhatsStoppingYouID resonation.ID will gather entrepreneurs, who happen to be women, to facilitate and to help participants in starting their dream. In an all-day session, participants will also be part of inspiring sharing session by Business leaders & Good do-ers. I personally think it’s invaluable opportunity to learn from their successes (and failures)

I have to admit I’m ashamed of my ignorance toward the genders related issues in business environment. So I welcome this chance to join resonation.ID as facilitators. I hope my experiences in starting & running a company can help ignite somebody’s dream.

Let’s not be the co-creator of our own limitations.


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